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Week 8: October 2 - October 6



  • Day 2 (Tuesday for E-Period Section and Wednesday for F Period)
    • Chapter 4 Test for F Period. (E Period misses this class because of the water line break)
    • Begin your homework assignments listed below.
    • Assignments:
      • Continue coding the RandomLines program (11pts). This is an INDEPENDENT programming project.
      • Read Chapter 5 Section 1 ... slides 2 - 33 ... about While Loops from the Chapter 5 Online Lecture.
      • Run the file in your ch05 pacakge folder of JavaPrograms after reading the above slides. The code is from Chapter 5 Section 1 of the online lecture. This program verifies what the code examples do.


  • Day 3 (Wednesday for E-Period Section and Thursday for F Period)
    • Complete coding the RandomLines program and then send me your file.
    • Complete the LetterGradeGenerator program together in class collaboratively (non-graded).
    • Go over and begin the WhileLoopMania1 program. This is an INDEPENDENT programming project.
    • Assignments:
      • Continue coding the WhileLoopMania1 program. We will finish it in class tomorrow.


  • Friday, October 6th
    • Complete coding the WhileLoopMania1 program file and email it to me.
    • Hand back and go over Chapter 4 Test.
    • Assignments:
      • No Homework.

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