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Week 13: November 13 - November 17


  • Day 2 (Tuesday for E-Period Section and Wednesday for F Period)
    • Complete the Chapter 6 Test. (You get 20 minutes to complete it.)
    • Review the instructions for Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the Rocket Program Instructions. You will not submit this program until you are done with all phases.
    • Quick Access to the Java DrawingCommands web page.
    • Preview some past Rocket programs at the Rocket Festival Staging Area (with headphones).
    • Continue coding Rocket Phase 1.
    • Assignments:
      • Complete coding Rocket Phase 1 by the first of our next class. This is what you should have finished:
        • The left and right clouds banks and their animation. (you can always adjust these later to sync their movement up with other things.
        • The mountains, ground, or other items that will be the foundation for placing other elements of Scene 1.
        • The building and control tower with logo.
        • The count-down clock (no numbers)
        • The launch pad
        • The main parts of your rocket without all of the detail you might add later.


  • Day 3 (Wednesday for E-Period Section and Thursday for F Period)


  • Friday, November 17th
    • Hand back the Chapter 6 Test.
    • Continue coding Rocket Phase 2.
    • Assignments:
      • Continue working on the Rocket program.

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