The Penny Pitch Game

Overview: The Penny Pitch program is reminiscent of a carnival game where pennies are tossed onto a board with squares containing prizes. Once a penny lands on a square, the player receives the prize on that square. In this simulation of the game, when the player clicks Toss, the computer randomly chooses one of the 25 squares on the board. The player then receives the points on that square and a 'P' replaces the value on the board to indicate that a penny has landed there. If during a toss, a penny has already landed on a square, then nothing happens and the board remains the same and no points are gained. In the game you are writing, the player will get 20 tosses. After each toss the total points are updated and after the 20th toss, the total points and a "Game Over" message appear in a message box. The goal of our game is just to get as many points as possible. The reset button is only necessary if a person wants to start a new game before a game is finished. The game should be automatically reset after the 20th turn.