AP Computer Science A Syllabus  

Every thing in this course is graded on a points basis and all points are averaged to determine your grade point average. There is no weighting of scores.  There are four categories of grades in this class which appear in MyBackPack.  The categories and approximate range of point values are as follows:

Category Approximate Point Range
Homework 5 - 20pts
Programs 10 - 50pts
Quizzes 20 - 50pts
Tests 50 - 100pts


The grading scale for the course adheres to the established grading scale used at KCD:

97 – 100 A+ 87 – 89  B+ 77 – 79  C+ 67 – 69  D+ 0 – 59  F
93 – 96   A 83 – 86  B 73 – 76  C 63 – 66  D  
90 – 92   A- 80 – 82  B- 70 – 72  C- 60 – 62  D-  

All averages are rounded. For example, an average 92.67 is an A.

All work must be turned in on time.  Homework, such as worksheets and study guides, and programming assignments are due at the first of class.  If they must be turned in later than the due date and time then you must communicate with me your circumstance and I will consider giving you additional time to complete the assignment for full credit, otherwise you will receive a reduction of 50% of your grade for the assignment.   There are usually no late submissions of any assignments in a college class. Assignments submitted more than two days past the due date receive no points but I will give you feedback on your work.  Obviously, allowances are made for when you have an excused absence from class (this would never happen in college).   In the case of an excused absence, you should turn in work that was due the day you missed by the next class following the class you returned to class.  If you know you are going to have an excused absence in advance and there is a quiz or test scheduled for that day, then you need to plan to take it in advance during a free period or after school, prior to missing the class. I grade and turn things back quicker than most teachers. I like to give you immediate feedback. If you miss taking a quiz or test, then you may make other students have to wait as many as two or more additional days before I can hand it back. I keep all quizzes and tests. You can review them privately with me after I have handed them back at any time. Please let me know the week before if you are going to miss a class during a week.