If you can't see the movie, download the QuickTime Player HERE

PLEASE NOTE: The students created EVERYTHING YOU SEE (except this website and the video editing!)

They created the script (Word), all the background images in the video (Kid Pix), the hot facts (PowerPoint), word wall (PowerPoint), belly up (Kerpoof), quiz (SMART Notebook), & jokes (PowerPoint) all by themselves!
(click on one of these links to download the actual file)

TEACHERS: You can view our Webinars titled "Kid Created Projects with BrainPOP" on BrainPOP Educators.
Part 1: Sandi Johnson explains how she organized her class to create their very own BrainPOP.
Liz Gatewood shows you FREE websites you can use to create your "Extras."
Download the templates that the students used to create the "Extras."

Part 2: Liz Gatewood explains how to use iMovie to create your own BrainPOP video!
Download the PowerPoint on tips and tricks for making your video.