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Do You Have a Future in Computer Science?

In 2020, there will be 1.4 million computing jobs available in the United States and only 400,000 computer science students in the education pipeline.  But the number of students may slowly be increasing, as 25 states now count computer science courses toward high school graduation requirements, compared to 11 states in 2013. Check out the links farther down this web page to find out about Computer Science Degrees and Careers.


Here are some Computer Science Degree Programs

Information Systems and CyberSecurity
Information Systems Security
Data Communication Systems Technology
Software Engineering Technology
Project Management
Software Applications Development
Software Development


High School Graduates Feel Unprepared For College and Work, Survey Finds

A recent survey of public high school graduates finds about half feel they are unprepared for life after high school and most would have worked harder if they had realized the expectations of college and the workplace. Click here for the full story.

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What is Computer Science?


Why Do Students Study STEM

The Power of Teaching Girls to Code

University of Louisville Speed School

University of Kentucky Computer Science Department

Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Department

ACM Computing Careers Information

Computer Science Career Guide


Here are two outstanding sites with great information from

Find Out About Computer Science Education and Job Opportunities

Find out about Computer Engineering


KCD Computer Classes


Consider being a Tech Gnome during the summer to help with KCD Computer Work ... you get paid while learning about configuring computers and doing other computer work. See Mr. Rice for details.


Exoskeleton Movie


KCD Fab Lab Movie

Andrew Wagner's Do-It-Yourself Rostock 3D Printer

Code online in a web browser and have fun by going to

(and find out about the HOUR OF CODE event coming soon)

Computer Science Education Week is Dec. 9-15 to coincide with the birthday of the earliest programmer Grace Murray Hopper.


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