MLA Formatting Guidelines for a Works Cited Page

First, set your spacing to double spacing (2 lines).

At the top of your page, center the words “Works Cited.”

Return, left justify. You will set your indents such that the second line of each entry will be indented 1/2 inch (one tab) according to the ruler at the top of your screen. If you don't know how to do this then after typing the first line, press return and then tab and type the second line.

Alphabetize your bibliographical entries by author’s last name. Return only once to begin a new entry.

Here are some sample entries prepared according to or drawn from The MLA Manual of Style.

A Book by a Single Author.

Clark, Kenneth. What is a Masterpiece? London: Thames, 1979.

Maini, Darshan Dingh. Studies in Punjabi Poetry. New Delhi: Vikas, 1979.


A Book by Two or More Authors.

Achtert, Walter S., and Joseph Gibaldi. The MLA Manual of Style. New York: MLA, 1985.

Valett, Jean-Paul, Rebecca M. Valette, and Teresa Carrera-Hanley. Spanish for Mastery 3: Situaciones. Lexington: D. C. Heath, 1988.


A Work in an Anthology.

Malamud, Bernard. “The Magic Barrel.” More Short Stories. Eds. Henry I. Christ and Jerome Shostak. New York: Amsco, 1993. 199-211.


An Article in a Journal or Magazine.

Monk, Patricia. “Frankenstein’s Daughters: The Problems of the Feminine Image in Science Fiction.” Mosaic 13.3-4 (1980): 15-27.

Note: (13..3-4 means volume 13, issues 3 and 4 combined.)

Begley, Sharon. “A Healthy Dose of Laughter.” Newsweek 4 Oct. 1984: 74.

Snyder, Mark. “Self-Fulfilling Sterotypes.” Psychology Today July 1982: 60-68.


An Article from a Daily Newspaper.

Collins, Glenn. “Single-Father Survey Finds Adjustment a Problem.” New York Times 21 Nov. 1983, natl. ed.: 20.


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