Class Project Time Line

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Week 1: November 10 - November 14


  • Monday, November 10th
    • Introduction to the class:
    • Review the Bearcat Festival Promo sample project.
    • Learn how to setup and record a voice-over using Audacity.
    • Learn how to export the voice-over as a WAV file.


  • Wednesday, November 12th
    • Discuss the following process for making a video promo like the Bearcat Festival promo:
      • Quit (not close) all Applications on your computer and start FinalCut Express.
      • Write an appropriate length voice-over script based on the available video footage.
      • Set up a new Audacity project and record the voice-over and export it as a WAV audio file.
      • Start up Final Cut Express and create a new project.
      • Add 1 and a half seconds of video black to the beginning of the project time line. (Mark In and Out points for Slug (video black) so that the In point is at least 1 second in on the time code. (The Out point won't matter.)
      • Import the voice-over WAV audio file into the project.
      • Add all of the voice-over or portions of it to the time line after the video black.
      • Review the available video footage and decide what portions you wish to use.
      • Mark In and Out points for one clip and then add it to the time line.
        • For clips that require a fade in or fade out, make sure one second of video is available before the In point and 1 second of video after the Out point. You need to calculate how long each part of your voice-over is that will relate to the video clip so you know how long to make the clip when setting your In and Out points.
        • Add the first clip using a fade up from the video black.
        • After you have added the clip to the time line, then mark In and Out points for the next clip. Keep adding clips to the time line in this manner until all of your clips are added.
      • Conclude the promo with a fade to video black.
      • Find and edit appropriate background music in Audacity and export it as a WAV file.
      • Render the sequence as needed as you build the promo.
      • Save the project after adding each clip to the time line.
      • Superimpose text over the appropriate video clips to identify items or activities in the video.
      • Do a final save of the project and then export the sequence as a QuickTime Movie with Conversion. Use a size of 640 x 480.
    • Assignment:
      • Review all of the footage of the Bearcat Festival that you have in Final Cut, write a voice-over script that will highlight pieces of video that you plan to use when making your Bearcat Festival Promo.


  • Thursday, November 13th
    • Record your Bearcat Festival Voice Over and export it as a WAV file into your Bearcat Festival Promo folder.
    • Begin editing your Bearcat Festival promo by importing your voice-over and then adding it to your timeline.


  • Friday, November 14th
    • Continue editing your Bearcat Festival Promo


Week 2: November 17 - November 21






Week 2B: November 24 -November 28




Week 3: December 1 - December 5





Week 4: December 8 - December 12





Week 5: December 15 -December 19





Week 6: January 5 - January 9





Week 7: January 12 - January 16



Week 8: January 19 - January 23




Week 9: January 26 - January 30

  • Monday, January 26th
    • Continue working on Free Lance Movie project.


  • Wednesday, January 28th
    • Continue working on Free Lance Movie project.


  • Thursday, January 29th
    • Continue working on Free Lance Movie project.


  • Friday, January 30th
    • Begin working on Cooking Movie projects.



Week 10: February 2 - February 6

  • Monday, February 2nd
    • Continue working on Cooking Movie project.


  • Wednesday, February 4th
    • Continue working on Cooking Movie project.


  • Thursday, February 5th
    • Continue working on Cooking Movie project.


  • Friday, February 6th
    • Continue working on Free Lance Movie project.


Week 11: February 9 - February 13

  • Monday, February 9th
    • Continue working on Free Lance Movie project.


  • Wednesday, February 11th
    • Continue working on Free Lance Movie project.


  • Thursday, February 12th - No School - Winter Break Begins.
    • No Class.


  • Friday, February 13th - No School - Winter Break
    • No Class.


Week 12: February 16 - February 20