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Help for Homeless Animals

Kentucky Humane Society Project

3 to 4 million animals were euthanized in shelters last year, well over a quarter-million a month.
That is 405 each hour or one every NINE seconds.

In human terms, this is proportional to losing the entire population of
Los Angeles every year.

Information from
NoVoiceUnheard.org Fact Sheet: "Every Nine Seconds: America's Animal Homelessness Tragedy"

To learn more, checkout these downloadable tip & fact sheets from NoVoiceUnheard.org.

Not Everyone in Needs Can Ask for Help...

Click to watch our video about animal homelessness.


What Are We Did and How Can You Help?

We are trying support the Kentucky Humane Society in several ways. Last year, we raised money through a middle school Dance Dance Revolution Tournament and collected items from their wish list as well. Students brought in paper towels and peanut butter in exchange for a dress down pass.

We raised almost $300 through the tournament and collect lots of donated items as well.

We continue to make pet beds and pet-ghans to donate. Knitted blankets help calm frightened cats and dogs and improve the quality of life for shelter animals during their stay. Calmer, happier animals are thus more likely to be adopted.

See my blog post on how we make the pet beds. We have about several done already and hope to make several more.

There are many similar programs around the country that strive to provide comfort items to local animal shelters. Check out the following websites and contact your local animal shelter to see what types of items they accept.

The Snuggles Project

Wendy Knits: Felted Kitty Bed

Midnight Knitter: Crocheted Kitty Cozy

Bev's Country Cottage: Pet Blanket

The Snuggles Project: Easy Sew Snuggle

Cage Comforter Program


For more suggestions of what you can do to help animals in your community, click here:
What Can One Person Do?




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